L'Oreal Homme Shampoo Energic 250 ml

L'Oreal Homme Shampoo Energic is a nourishing shampoo for men.


Nourishes and cleanses the hair whilst leaving it stronger and healthier with a fresh feeling.


Leaves hair strong and healthy thanks to High Foam formula, a blend of Ice Mint and Ginseng. Visible results after just few treatments.
Mint nourishes the hair with a fresh feeling.
Ginseng, well known for its revitalizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps the hair to absorb minerals and vitamins.

How to use:

For daily use.

Tip: before using this shampoo, keep in mind that it foams a lot. For this reason, apply a small amount of product to hair.
Add a small amount of water and massage into hair. Rinse.

Weight: 250 g

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L'Oreal Homme Shampoo Energic 250 ml