L'Oreal Pro Fiber Re-Create Soin Conditioner 200 ml

L'Oreal Pro Fiber Re-Create Soin is a long-lasting, rinsing, regenerating and invigorating conditioner for hair fibre thinned by heat/chemical damages. Hair fibre looks full-bodied and strong, from roots to ends. Perfect for finetreated and sensitized hair.


Repairs and strengthens.
Volumising effect.
Shines your hair.


Enriched with an advanced repairing technology with a long-lasting effect, this shampoo reactivates the effects of the in-salon treatment. The exclusive mixture of active ingredients deeply penetrates into hair fibre till the cortex for long-lasting results.

  • Aminosylane, a silicium compound, that creates a three- dimensional network, reinforcing deeply hair fibre and cortex. 

How to use:

Apply to wet hair lenghts and ends.

Use a Re-Charge Single-Dose every 4 shampoos for reactivating the long-lasting effect of the in-salon treatment.

Weight: 200 g

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L'Oreal Pro Fiber Re-Create Soin Conditioner 200 ml